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VYLIO - Free GPS Tracking and IoT GPS Tracking Platform

Vylio, the world's best
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Vylio - The incredible Global, Free and Easy GPS
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We provide real-time device tracking and a 7-day history report for FREE, for up to 3 devices on one account. Looking for GPS Tracking Hardware? Click here to BUY NOW.

Use Vylio to assist with...

The recovery of stolen vehicles
Monitoring the activities of a learner driver
To know where your family members are in an emergency
So that you have peace of mind that your precious cargo is safe
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Free GPS Tracking. No Contract. No Cost.

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For anyone who has been considering tracking options but hasn’t wanted to pay a monthly fee, or sign up to a contractual commitment, this gives them the opportunity to give it a go, for free, for personal use.

There are no restrictions on the usage, and no limited time frames. We simply want to see as many people take advantage of this revolutionary product as possible.

Comprehensive GPS Tracking and Movement History - History displayed on the map shows the route taken by your vehicle, and speeds traveled.

Vehicle Activity shows every journey your vehicles have made. Displays ignition on/off times, journey start /finish, total distance, max speeds and total time per stop.

Comprehensive Map View, showing the current location of all vehicles on your account. Displays speed, moving direction along with ignition on/off and more.

Easy Email Alerts for complete peace of mind. Want to know when your car moves? Set up an alert and be notified in real time.

  • What is Vylio?
  • What do I need to start with?
  • Will it really always be free??
  • Support?

Vylio is a web service that tracking devices and IoT devices talk to, updating their location in real time. As a user, you log in and see the devices that you have added to Vylio. You can view the location of the device in real time, run reports and view the device’s previous activity on the map. Different devices have different capabilities. Vylio supports a range of devices.

You will need a supported IoT or tracking device, like the TRACKbox TB2, please see the list below for the range of supported devices. Vylio supports a range of personal, portable, asset, vehicle, fleet, and mobile app devices. Several brands and models are supported on Vylio. These are physical devices. The vendors/brands supported currently on Vylio are: TRACKbox, ATrack, Alematics, Bofan, fifotrack, ICARVISIONS, Pivotel and Sigfox supported devices by Digital Matter, Generic (choose generic if your device uses the Sigfox network and the brand is not listed).

Forever. Seriously. The free tier of Vylio will always remain free, paid plans supporting more devices, more features and commercial needs are also available.

Support requests can be made within the Vylio web application to our support team here. Easy.