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Creating a Geofence or Defined ‘Place’

Applying a Geofencing or Place in ArmadaGPS defines a virtual boundary around a geographical area or address. In doing so, a Place or Type of Place is created. A place can be an address of one of your customers, suppliers or work zones.

A Type of Place is useful to group together certain Places like ‘Customers’ Suppliers etc. By creating a Place for your most visited addresses enables you to create a variety of ‘Place’ Reports. For example, a Geofenced area can be used to activate an email alert vehicle entering or exiting the defined area

The Type of Place Reports available are:

  • Time by Place - the proportion of time vehicles have spent their time in defined places.
  • Distance by Place - the distance travelled within defined places
  • Time on Site - the amount of time spent in defined places
  • Delivery report - the number of journeys outside of defined 'bases'

How to:

Go to the ArmadaGPS platform and click on Maps> Select the Edit Places Icon which looks like a signpost on the right-hand Icons toolbar. Select New> Enter a Name, any details, the Type which is something your Administrator will set up specific to your business like Customer, Base etc>

Check the Override Address box or Off-Road box depending on what you would like to report on. The Override simply means to use the Name you have chosen. Draw your defined Place by clicking and dropping on the map in the specific place or search the address in the top left Search Bar with the magnifying glass.

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