Free Vehicle Tracking

IMPORTANT: Free Vehicle Tracking is now Vylio. Click here to learn about Vylio.

This no cost, no contract Vehicle Tracking Platform provides users with real time vehicle tracking and a 7-day history report for up to 3 vehicles on one account.

Use Free Vehicle Tracking to:

  • Assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles
  • Monitor the activities of a learner driver
  • Know where your family members are in an emergency
  • Have peace of mind that your precious cargo is safe

For anyone who has been considering GPS vehicle tracking but hasn’t wanted to pay a monthly fee, or sign up to a contractual commitment, this gives them the opportunity to give it a go…for free for personal use.

There are no restrictions on the usage, and no limited time frames apply to the service being free. We simply want to see as many vehicle users take advantage of this revolutionary product as possible. Click here to to purchase the necessary GPS hardware.




Map View, showing current location of all vehicles on your account.Displays speed, and heading if moving and show ignition on/off.

Vehicle Activity, shows every journey your vehicles have made. Displays ignition on/off times, journey start /finish, total distance, max speeds and total time per stop.

History displayed on map, shows the route taken by your vehicle, and speeds travelled.



Beautiful, modern UI with simple to use options.

Speeds available in km/h and mp/h, 12 and 24 hour time available.

Currently available in English and Russian, more languages coming soon.

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Hardware for Free Vehicle Tracking is available to purchase now, click here or the button below.



Q What is Free Vehicle Tracking?

A Basically, its a web service that GPS tracking devices talk to, updating their location in real time. As a user, you log in and see your device that's installed in your vehicle. You can view it traveling in real time, run reports and view the vehicles activity on the map.

Q How long will it be free?

A Forever, though we will introduce some features with a small charge in the future.

Q What else will I need (i.e. supported devices)?

How do I get help using this product?

A We have a user forum, for community support. Click here to visit the Forum.