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The ArmadaGPS Heat Map

View an entire month's activity at a glance using the ArmadaGPS Heat Map. From the Heat Map, you can see what journey's your vehicles are doing most often and make decisions about how best to optimise their time spent on these routes.

The Heat Map uses Truepath Tracking™ to provide 24/7, second by second recording of data that continually follows the exact path taken for true and accurate data collection and reporting.

The Heat Map’s red colour highlights where your vehicles have spent most of the time and the yellow indicates the least amount of time spent.

The Heat Map assists with:

  • Identifying high density to least density traffic flow of your fleet at a glance
  • Viewing your fleet's monthly activity

How to:

Go to the ArmadaGPS platform and click on the 'Maps' tab from the top toolbar> On the right-hand side click the vehicle(s) in blue that you wish to view. When the vehicle data is shown, select 'See History' from the Tab Bar> Select Heat Map> Choose the Date range> Select 'Show Heat Map'

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