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PlatformConnect is a ready to go platform solution that will help you accelerate the development of your location based IoT product.

PlatformConnect is a hosted platform service for receiving, processing and storing of information from GNSS and IoT’s, devices, sensors, applications and third party services. Accessible via an API, Platform Connect provides a hosted solution that enables organisations to quickly implement and use for their desired purpose.

PlatformConnect is scalable and redundant to meet growing needs. As a hosted solution, organisations can concentrate on collecting and using their data without having the infrastructure cost, technical and administrative overhead associated with designing, building and maintaining a large platform suited for this purpose.

Who would use PlatformConnect

  • Vehicle Lease Companies, install tracking hardware in all of your vehicles and use PlatformConnect to collect all of the data. Use the API to automate vehicle usage information (including mileage) in your existing fleet management software.
  • Rental Car Companies
  • SAAS Providers/developers, such as job dispatch etc. Have vehicle tracking as part of your existing SAAS product quickly.

What We Provide

We provide PlatformConnect as a ready to go platform. The platform includes:

  • Receivers to handle communication and process messages from devices and sensors.
  • Device management system to automate device configuration live and over the air.
  • Storage system to handle big data storage of device messages.
  • Email, SMS, Push, GPRS systems to efficiently handle communications to and from devices and accounts.
  • Secure API over SSL encryption.
  • Redundant, distributed auto scaling architecture.


  • Bringing your IoT together
  • 500+ compatible IoT devices
  • 20+ vendor protocols
  • Data storage
  • *3 integrated map providers (Google, Mapbox, Yandex)
  • Global reverse geocoding API
  • Cellular/Satellite/Sigfox

(*BYO Maps API Key)

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GPSengine API

A simple yet powerful API.
Take advantage of all PlatformConnect has to offer.
API documentation can be found here.

Supported devices

A device agnostic platform giving freedom of choice for devices and sensors that meet your needs.

Devices and sensors

PlatformConnect supports a wide range of devices and sensors. Vendor and device agnostic, Platform Connect is dedicated to receiving, processing and storing of large amounts of data for later use and analysis. As most devices have specific communication and device management needs, GPSengine collaborates with each manufacturer to add protocol and communication support to their range of devices and sensors. For each manufacturer a dedicated receiver is developed by GPSengine to efficiently communicate with and process large quantity of messages and handle event processing.

Device management

Some devices can be fully managed via PlatformConnect, through a feature called provisioning. If a device model has provisioning support, this allows full device management to be performed and automatically updated over the air. A provisioning profile for a specific device configures the device to work as expected for real world use.

Normalisation of data

PlatformConnect supports a larger number of devices and sensors that provide information in different formats. Part of the Platform Connect feature set is the normalisation of this data. All data queries for devices are returned in this pre-formatted data to make interpretation and use of this data quick and meaningful.

List of supported devices can be found here.



Expand your licence per extra 500 devices/IoT/sensors.
Over 10,000+, please contact us so that we may provide a licence to fit your needs.


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