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Scheduling ArmadaGPS Reports

Get the data you need when you need it by scheduling your ArmadaGPS Reports. It takes a few minutes to set up. You can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports to be emailed to your inbox. Reduce waiting times on downloading reports and get the specific data sent to you when it's needed.

Here is a quick overview of the types of reports available to schedule:

  • Activity - Stop and start times, the duration, distance, maximum and average speeds.
  • Stops - Duration and idle times of stops, see where your vehicles are spending their time.
  • Mileage - Distance travelled to each address or predefined Place.
  • Location - Location of specific vehicle(s) or types of vehicle(s) by predefined Place Type.
  • Auxiliary - Assists with calculation of additional machinery activity e.g. weed spray.
  • Export Data - This report is all the data available. The last columns are specific to CAN bus.
  • Incident - Report the amount of incidents -anything that has been setup as an alert.
  • Daily Summary - A round-up of vehicle activity including distance, speed and stop duration.
  • Time by Place - The proportion of time a vehicle has spent in a defined Place or Place Type.
  • Time on Site - The time spent in a Defined Place or Place Type.
  • Mileage by Place - Distance travelled by defined Places or Place Types.  
  • After Hours - Show vehicle usage outside of normal hours.
  • Messaging History - Show all messages within date range (with Garmin Messaging plugin).
  • Scheduling Management - WOF and Registration due dates.

How to:

Go to the ArmadaGPS platform click on the 'Reports' tab from the top toolbar. From the left panel click on 'Scheduled Reports' then ‘New Scheduled Report’ choose your ‘Report Type’ then ‘Report Period’ Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Enter the parameters for the report. Finally, ‘Schedule Report’ A link to your report will be emailed to you at the time interval that you selected.  

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