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Scheduling Alerts that matter to your business!

Are your drivers checking the vehicles that they are driving? Something as simple as checking tyres weekly could save uneven wear or possibly an accident. Your drivers may not have access to ArmadaGPS but they can receive email reminders for that vehicle. It's as simple as setting a Time Based Alert

ArmadaGPS can help with multiple scheduling and important alerts to do with your fleet, assets or drivers.

Here is a quick overview of the types of alerts available to schedule:

  • Accident Alert when a g-force impact has taken place.
  • Alarm notification when your car or asset alarm is raised.
  • Vehicle's internal battery or the TRACKBox battery is running low.
  • Distance-Based Alert when the odometer reaches a certain value on the Odometer (this can be scheduled for before and after the due dates.)
  • On Time Based Alert for when you want to know how long your engine has been running, you can schedule reminders before and after the due date.
  • Panic when your panic button has been activated (requires installation of a panic module.)
  • Place alert for when your vehicles or assets enter or leave a predefined place or zone. (You’ll need to set up Geofencing for Place Alerts)  
  • Speeding when vehicles or assets exceed a predefined speed.
  • Time-based alerts are particularly useful for WOF and Registration due dates but can be customised to any type of alert that has a due date. These can also be emailed to non-ArmadaGPS users or contacts outside the business like mechanics and suppliers.

How to:

Go to the ArmadaGPS platform and click on the Vehicles tab from the top Toolbar on the left. Select Edit Vehicles > Click the vehicle that you want an alert on> Set or Edit the Alert and Slide the 'Set unit Warning State to 'On'.

Notes: When an alert is triggered there will be an exclamation mark next vehicle on the right-hand side of the Map. You can clear the warning from there. Emails will be sent to the designated users as soon as the alert is triggered.

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