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Sensium - Thought Leaders in VR and AR For the GPS Industry

Sensium was originally founded as Snitch Inc in 2005, developing hardware and a web-based mapping and tracking platform. We saw an opening for a high-quality consumer vehicle tracking product branded SnitchGPS. Soon after, and due to the majority of enquiries coming from businesses, we developed and launched our commercial vehicle tracking product, ArmadaGPS.

We recognise that the future of vehicle telemetry and tracking in commercial operations is firmly grounded in Virtual Reality (VR) and AR (Augmented Reality) and as such we are heavily investing in the development of Sensium VR and Sensium AR. With the advent of accessible and cost-effective Virtual Reality equipment like Oculus Go, we can't wait to reveal our suite of new product offerings with Sensium VR and Sensium AR as core.

To demonstrate our passion and belief in VR and AR, we are proud to release our extended Live GPS + ARKit + Mapbox demo of the future of Vehicle telemetry and IoT data visualisation - we are pushing new boundaries in GPS technology and would love to bring you along for the ride.