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It's easy to Switch to Sensium and ArmadaGPS


Switching your vehicle fleet GPS tracking and management to Sensium makes sense. Especially when you look at how we stand out from our competitors.

    • We are local. We have been designing vehicle tracking platforms in NZ and Australia since 2005.
    • Our support teams are local, based in Auckland and Brisbane.
      We DON'T white-label someone else's platform, we build our own.
    • We DON'T import cheap generic hardware, we design and build our own.
    • We design locally in-house, and manufacture locally in New Zealand and Australia.
    • We have RCM Approval on our Tracking Hardware. This is mandatory compliance certification that EVERY tracking device must have to be used in Australia and New Zealand. You can tell if your existing hardware has this approval by finding the RXM tick. You could actually face harsh penalties, and large fines for not using approved hardware.
    • We take all of your data seriously! All data in transit (between the device and the platform) is encrypted. This keeps staff data safe, and prevents the likely-hood of a "Man in the Middle" attack.
    • We have the highest resolution tracking in the industry. Where most (if not all) other tracking devices "poll" your vehicles data at pre-determined rates or distances (usually 500m, 2km or 2min) we developed TruePath Tracking, which is a continuous stream of data. This eliminates gaps in the data, and ensures ALL of the important vehicle data is captured for you to view.
    • And finally, a reason to switch which will make many happy, BIG HARDWARE DISCOUNTS when you trade in your old units.

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