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 3 Easy Steps to Get started with Vylio

Get Started with Vylio

Step 1 - Create a vylio account
Follow the on-screen steps.
Activate your account.
Welcome to your free Vylio account to track up to 3 mobile assets for free!

Vylio 3 + Assets Paid Plans.
In Vylio click the cog on the left panel to change your plan.


Step 2 - Add Your TRACKbox TB2 to vylio

Ensure your TRACKbox TB2 is installed and the LED lights are on.
Login to your Vylio account.
Click + New Device.
Select 'Physical Tracker'.
Select TRACKbox, then TB2.
Enter the ID number that is on your TRACKbox TB2.
Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your account set-up.


Step 3 - Useful Links

Installing the TRACKbox TB2 yourself? Download the Installation Guide.

Want an Auto Electrician to install your TRACKBox? Visit our Auto Electrician's page.

Support requests can be emailed from within your Vylio account.

Vylio Support